Practice 20 – Would you like …? I’d like …


A:Would you like some coffee?

B:No, thank you.


A:Would you like a chocolate?

B:Yes, please.


A:What would you like, tea or coffee?

B:Tea, please


Would you like to go for a walk?


A:Would you like to eat with us on Sunday?

B:Yes, I’d love to.


What would you like to do this evening?



I’m thirsty. I’d like a drink.


I’d like some information about hotels, please.


I’m feeling tired. I’d like to stay at home this evening.




A:Would you like some tea?

B:Yes, please.


A:Do you like tea?

B:Yes, I do.

A:Would you like some now?

B:No thank you. Not now.


A:Would you like to go to the cinema tonight?

B:Yes, I’d love to.


A:Do you like going to the cinema?

B: Yes, I go to the cinema a lot.


I’d like an orange, please.


I like oranges.


What would you like to do next weekend?


What do you like to do at weekends?