Practice 22 – it



What time is it?


It’s half past ten.


It’s late.


It’s time to go home.


What day is it?


It’s Thursday.


It’s the sixteenth of March.


It was my birthday yesterday.


It’s 3 kilometers from our house to the city center.


How far is it from New York to Los Angeles?


It’s a long way from here to the station.


We can walk home. It isn’t far.


It’s raining. It isn’t raining. Is it snowing?


It rains a lot here.


It didn’t rain yesterday.


Does it snow very often.


It’s warm. It’s hot. It’s cold. It’s fine. It’s cloudy.


It’s windy. It’s sunny. It’s foggy It’s dark.


It’s a nice day today.


It rains a lot in winter. There is a lot of rain in winter.


It was very windy. There was a strong wind yesterday.



It’s nice to see you again.


It’s impossible to understand her.


It wasn’t easy to find your house.



It’s raining agian.

? Who did you see?

Is it true that you’re going away.